Highway Designs

There are several designs for highways and roadways. These designs require a lot of engineering as there are many factors that are considered in the design of highways. The most important fact considered is the expected average speed of the vehicles that will be passing through the highways. In other words, there are different types […]

Highway History

The history of America’s highway system began with the Federal Aid Road Act of 1916. The passing of this bill introduced by the United States government spearheaded an effort to develop and construct a nationwide network of roadways and highways. It allotted a total of $75 million for matching state funds for improvement and construction […]

Introduction: Why are Highways So Important?

Highways play an important role in making travel easier and more expedient. This is of great assistance whether traveling for work or play as well as travel involving transporting goods. The highway system connects large metropolises and rural communities across the country. Highway systems have made expansion possible, provided a convenient means to travel for […]

United States Leaving Paris Agreement – Consequences for the Ecology

The U.S. produces more than a fifth of the total carbon emissions and taking part in the Paris agreement was a huge step towards the conservation of the climate globally. When the Paris agreement was signed in 2015, the terms of the agreement indicated that the United States was to reduce their carbon emissions by […]

United States Leaving Paris Agreement – Consequences for the Economy

During the administration of President Barack Obama in 2015, a Paris, climate, agreement was signed by 195 nations. This agreement was meant to protect the world from global warming by cutting back carbon emissions. The agreement was focused on reducing carbon emissions, encouraging the use of renewable energy and conserving the climate globally. The Paris […]