Planning and Development: Financing and Public Consulting

When highway planning, development and construction requires funding, where does it come from? Fuel taxes are most often part of the revenue used. State highway revenues do not do well when generated by “general” taxes such as income tax, property tax, or other forms of “regular” funding. This is predominantly because these types of funding […]

Construction, Maintenance and Management

Even though the techniques for constructing highways have kept evolving because of technology advancement and the complexity of the highway, one thing has remained unchanged. Before any highway construction, there should a well taken survey and a good subgrade preparation. In highway construction, there is always a big difference in highway construction between urban areas […]

Sustainable Pavements Program

To extend the lifespan of pavements and highways, there are several sustainable pavement programs that have been adopted in different parts of the world. These programs contribute to the sustainability and optimization of pavement serviceability. Sustainable pavement programs also help to reduce costs in the long run. While sustainable pavement programs have a lot of […]

Main Strategies for Highway Planning

When designing a highway there are several factors to consider, the main ones being geometric alignment, material choices, and structural design. Geometric Alignment Naturally, one of the most important things to consider when designing a highway is its physical geometry and proportions. To determine the physical layout that a highway will have to have engineers […]