Ethanol Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of using ethanol is that it lowers our carbon footprint and its carbon neutral. Ethanol is a renewable source of energy because of what it creates when it is burned off. Ethanol creates carbon dioxide when it is burned off, which plants and feedstock absorb out of the atmosphere. Plants and feedstock are used to create the ethanol, so it becomes an endless cycle. This is not the case when it comes to fossil fuels since there is nothing to offset what fossil fuels emit into the atmosphere. This makes ethanol a favored alternative to gasoline since it lowers our greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the biggest benefits of using ethanol is that it lowers our carbon footprint and its carbon neutral.

Ethanol will always be available as long as crops continue to grow. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, won’t be around forever, so ethanol will become invaluable as the years pass. Countries can manufacture ethanol domestically, which saves on importing oil. Manufacturing ethanol domestically also aids the economy of countries in jobs and businesses. Countries that continue to support the manufacturing of ethanol give it a chance to compete with oil and better the environment. Even though ethanol cost more to manufacture than oil, it’s cheaper to make than to import oil.

Manufacturing Ethanol Creates More Jobs

Manufacturing ethanol domestically impacts job growth in rural areas where jobs are needed. Creating more jobs increases the number of people in the workforce, which in turn boosts the economy. The increasing demand for ethanol impacts farmers in a positive way as well. Farmers can allocate parts of their land to grow crops that will be used to make ethanol. Farmers increase their workflow and income when they grow crops to be used in the ethanol manufacturing process. Jobs that deal with creating ethanol are secure because of ethanol being a renewable fuel source. It can always be created by planting crops, so farmers will always have a job in growing plants for ethanol.

New Chance for the Economy

Growing the crops for the process of making ethanol is just one part of the job. Fermenting the sugars in crops to create the ethanol alcohol is the other part. This separate part of the process will lead to more jobs and careers for people to pursue. Some alcohol companies may see promise in the manufacturing of ethanol and invest in the production of it. Alcohol companies would have no troubles manufacturing ethanol since it’s the same as making alcohol. This would create a whole new avenue for job growth especially when the demand for ethanol increases.

Ethanol impacts the world in more ways than one. It can create jobs for people around the world who live in rural areas. It helps the environment by lowering our greenhouse gas emissions. As long as crops are grown ethanol will always be around. Ethanol is our only other alternative for fossil fuels and will replace them when they run out.

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