How the Business Travel Industry Affects Greenhouse Emissions

Transportation is one of the most significant sources of pollution in the world and leaves a large carbon footprint on our environment. How then do the leaders of countries plan on keeping the planet healthy when travel-specifically business travel-is at an all-time high?

What the World is Doing About It?

Sustainable travel flightsCountries around the world are committed to cutting down greenhouse emissions in order to do their part to sustain the environment. If the world does its part to limit greenhouse emissions from transport, and especially from business travel industry, the world has a chance at remaining a safe place to live in.

World leaders have a big say in affecting how much of a carbon footprint is left on the world and they can take measures to ensure that companies, individuals, and their countries make a decision to care about the direction the planet is heading in. Some countries make it possible to keep track of how companies are effecting the environment and have to report on their level of greenhouse gases. This kind of control may be a headache for those who care more about profit than what their impact is on the world, but it is considered a necessary regulation that will make a difference.

How Businesses Can Help

A more personal way that the environment can be taken care of is by companies recognizing how consistent business travel affects the planet. While travel for pleasure is common and follows closely behind business travel, a big reason for travel is for work and companies can start doing things differently to ensure that they are doing their part to keep the environment safe.

Many companies choose airplanes as their means of transport and while the carbon footprint may be smaller than the pollution caused by automobiles, they still play a big part in the damage. While it may be difficult to avoid traveling by air and also by car especially when it comes to long distances, there are a few ways that companies can make their business travel a more efficient experience that leaves a smaller footprint.

Some ways business travel can be improved for the sake of the planet are:

Purchase direct flights for employees – While, yes, this may seem costlier than acquiring flights that have layovers, it will benefit employers in more ways than one. Employees will more than likely be happier and more rested with shorter travel hours and the impact on the planet and the concern about the environment will ensure that there is a healthy planet to continue doing business on. Also, the cost doesn’t have to be significant if companies hire business travel professionals who can find great deals while taking caring of the world while they are at it.

Schedule vehicular travel-whenever possible-outside of traffic hours – Granted, this isn’t always convenient, but when and if possible, traveling from point A to point B when there are fewer cars on the road means that there is less gas emission time. While it may be a simple and seemingly small action to take, if more businesses do it, it can have a positive effect.

In Conclusion

There are many ways that business travel can be revolutionized to help the carbon footprint on the planet get smaller. While some of the methods may seem like they aren’t doing much, the more businesses make an effort in any way to change the current high levels of pollution will have the impact that everyone hopes for.

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