The Deals on Carbon Market Do Not Help Reaching the Goals of the Paris Agreement

The planet has obviously seen a shift in years since the industrial revolution and even more so in the past 60 years. With the onset of worldwide travel, the pollution of the environment increased more than ever before.

The good news is that there are people who care about taking care of the planet and preventing more damage from global warming. With greenhouse gas emissions being a big cause of global warming and having a huge impact on the world, there are those who want to do their part to take care of and reduce the carbon footprint.

How Was This Done?

The U.N recently reached an agreement with several countries to join the carbon market to combat the effect of carbon emissions from international flights. With more than 60 % of the airlines carbon emissions coming from international flights, it is a huge step towards diminishing the damage caused by fuel pollution.

Countries will need to buy carbon offsets in order to even out the carbon emissions by financing projects that are environmentally friendly and geared towards removing carbon dioxide from the environment. This not only ensures responsibility for the planet, but the hope is that it will have a lasting effect on the planet.

Is This Being Done?

Carbon offset a step forward to clean energy The question now is if this will really happen or are those who were in the Paris agreement are now looking for ways to essentially “cheat,” by double counting. For example, saying, “We are selling carbon credits, so we don’t have to worry about making reductions.” This attitude is one that belittles the progress that many countries are striving to achieve in relation to the carbon footprint left on the environment by business travel. Many airlines are increasing emissions with the continuous growth in international business travel.

There is a limit being set for emissions which hopefully will help airlines take responsibility in their part of saving the environment and limiting emissions. Countries will need to make sure that these limits and the carbon offset credits are actually happening in order for this agreement to be successful. The hope is that it will be and while it isn’t the long-term solution by no means it is a step towards a healthier planet.

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