Economic publications

“Every ten or fifteen years since the late 1800’s, ‘experts’ have predicted that oil reserves would last only ten more years.  These experts have predicted nine out of the last zero oil-reserve exhaustions.”

       C. Maurice and C. Smithson, Doomsday Mythology:  10,000 Years of Economic Crisis, Hoover Institution Press, Stanford, 1984.


1. Considerations about Recent Predictions of Impending Shortages of Petroleum Evaluated from the Perspective of Modern Petroleum Science.
J. F. Kenney, (1996), Energy World, 240, 16-18.
2. The Exploration and Development of the Twelve Major and one Giant Oil and Gas Fields on the Northern Flank of the Dnieper-Donets Basin.
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3. The Global Energy Market in the Long Term: The Continuing Dominance of Affordable Non-Renewable Resources.
P. Odell, lecture before the Swedish Academy of Sciences, (March 16, 2000).

Closed Coffin:  Ending the Debate on “The End of Cheap Oil.”
M. C. Lynch, lecture before the International Energy Agency, Paris, 2001.

5. “Farce this Time: Renewed Pessimism About Oil Supply.”
M. C. Lynch, Geopolitics of Energy, December 1998-January 1999.
6. “The New Pessimism about Petroleum Resources: Debunking the ‘Hubbert Model’ (and Hubbert modelers).”
M. C. Lynch, Minerals and Energy, July 2004 (to be published.)
7. “Crop Circles in the Desert: The Strange Controversy over Saudi Oil Production.”
M. C. Lynch, International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development, Occasional Paper, 40, 2006.
8. Perceptions on the Most Significant Elements in the Long-term Evolution of the International Oil and Gas Industry,”
P. Odell, Address before the 2006 OPEC conference, upon receiving the biennial OPEC Award, (Vienna, 12-15 September, 2006).


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