United States Leaving Paris Agreement – Consequences for the Ecology

The U.S. produces more than a fifth of the total carbon emissions and taking part in the Paris agreement was a huge step towards the conservation of the climate globally. When the Paris agreement was signed in 2015, the terms of the agreement indicated that the United States was to reduce their carbon emissions by about 26 to 28 percent in ten years from the date of signage.

The Paris Agreement Terms

The Paris Agreement was meant to maintain and prevent the global temperature from increasing by 2ºC above the pre-industrial levels. The US apart from playing a part in the reduction of reducing their own carbon emissions, they were to fund other countries with 3 billion dollars to help with their reduction of the carbon emissions. The United States had already honored its pledge by 1 billion dollars. The Paris agreement was based on good faith and no punishable actions can be taken in case of a default or lack of commitment. The impact of America pulling out of this agreement will not only be felt by the US, but also by other countries.

It was estimated that global emissions will go up by 3 percent when the US pulls off from this agreement. This would take place because the emissions would go up from 5.3 to 6.7 gigatons by 2025. This would, in turn, increase the global warming that would alter the Ecosystem. It will bring about water shortages and drought. These impacts would be felt more by developing countries which have not contributed to the massive global warming.

Effects of pulling out of the Paris Agreement to the Environment

If the United States decides not to honor its financial pledge towards the Paris agreement, it means that some countries will not be able to achieve their reduction of carbon emissions target. If the countries to be supported by the US and the US do not honor their reductions, the overall set goal for the Paris Agreement will not be met. This will bring about irreversible damages such as heat waves and rising sea levels.

Another impact that will be felt is in the farming sector. With a combination of heat waves and the shortage of water, all efforts to farm, increase production and feed the community will come to an end. This will mostly impact the countries that depend on agriculture as a means of livelihood. In the long run, the impact will be felt globally as agricultural imports and exports will now be limited and too expensive to keep up with. Drought will be the end game.

Another effect of the US pulling out of this agreement is a positive one. Some companies in the US have taken steps to find ways to conserve the climate. The companies are investing in renewable energy and going green. This means that despite the US pulling out of the agreement, there is still an environmental impact that can be made by these individual companies. If other companies join in this movement, the emissions can still be kept under control. The whole world will then be secure from the unchangeable and negative consequences of global warming.

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