Useful and Effective Methods to Lower Greenhouse Emissions from Business Travel

Greenhouse emissions, what are they and how do they affect the planet? Greenhouse emissions are gases that absorb radiation in the air. They can be caused by the burning of oil or gas, as well as coal. In a small amount, greenhouse gases aren’t cause for concern, but a small amount isn’t what is going on in the current environment and greenhouse emissions are a big reason for global warming.

How Business Travel Can Avoid High Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Business travelers make up a high level of the world’s travelers and for this reason it is important for companies to look for ways and methods to cut down on the ways they are polluting the environment.

Here are some steps businesses can take when planning business travel:

Video conference saves money and environment

Is the trip really necessary? – Much of the time, companies send their representatives, employees, etc. to meetings in other cities or countries as they feel there is a need for them to be physically present. What companies should start asking themselves is, “Is this trip really necessary or is it something we can do through a video call conference or by virtual means?” In situations where a supervisor needs to check up on a team, this may not be convenient, but for many other reasons, a virtual meeting can work just fine and in the end, will make a big difference on companies’ carbon footprints.

Find business travel management that cares about lowering greenhouse emissions – For many companies, especially those in the gas and oil sector, business travel is completely necessary and highly frequent. Most of these companies hire business travel management companies to plan and book their travel and this is where companies can take care to lower greenhouse gas emissions. They can look for business travel programs that limit unnecessary travel or routes that require excessive amounts of transportation.
Buy carbon offsets to help the environment – The idea of buying carbon offsets is to help companies take responsibility for the environment and to finance projects that will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, control fossil fuel, and to provide better solutions for the planet’s health. The way this works is companies by carbon credits that are then used to finance aforementioned projects. This is a highly important way that business can take control of lowering gas emissions and helping the environment.

Save Money and Help the Environment

What holds some companies back from taking necessary steps to reduce the impact on the environment is the fact that at times it may seem like it isn’t cost effective. Most businesses are looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to business travel. What should be taken into account is that virtual meetings cost nothing while traveling for one meeting not only costs a lot, but also effects the environment.

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